Reviews - Why use Accella and strategic planning?

Babta Products
I wasn’t convinced in the beginning of using a strategic exhibition planner but, boy was I wrong. It has truly paid off for us. 

We have got an excellent stand that we wouldn’t have come up with.  

We have got fantastic hints from Tanya.

She has given us the most amazing advice which we certainly wouldn’t have done and with all of that we have managed to attract people onto our stand that are truly interested in our product and our service.

It’s been absolutely wonderful and it has truly paid off. 

JUNE 2010


RSM Prince
we enlisted the services of Tanya because this was a last chance to make shows work for us and we were short staffed.

Tanya came up with a strategy that took into account our brand identity, our customers and our resources. She spread the work that needed to be done over a number of the team so it didn't become a big extra workload for anyone.

Before the show Tanya meet with all the staff who were going to be working on the stand. She quickly assessed who would be good at what assigning roles to each of us to make sure we spoke too, and qualified, as many visitors as possible.

With Tanya's advise it only cost us a couple of thousand more than last year, even though we doubled our stand size. 

We had an over whelming response resulting in an extra  information session after the show and signing up a million dollar client off the stand. She turned something negative, that none of us really had time for, into a positive. It showed that, done right, expos were worth while after all. We would recommend using her planning system to anyone.

Above: BIZZONE 2009

Right: BIZZONE 2010

DE Group - Rod Field, Key Account Consultant 

Because of Tanya's experience in the industry and the fact the hard, and correct, questions were asked at the time of her brief taking, the entire process was stream-lined, for us and most importantly her clients. All key information quantified  from the first meeting:
•    Client Goal
•    Client Focus
•    Look  / Feel / Practicality
•    Timing / Budget

With an understanding of the exhibition environment and custom stand design, Tanya's knowledge gives us the ability to cut too the heart of client goals without the emotional tie, which is powerful and creates both time and cost savings.

From an accurate brief we maximise our design time , materials and input. It's key to note that often our intermediary is a client's marketing agency and while they have a clear vision of what they want, it is difficult to take a brief from there thought process and make it a 3-dimensional reality. Tanya's ability to gain perspective on such projects therefore is of up-most importance....

When Tanya started Hummingbird, she came to us, for her it meant she had a supplier relationship she could trust right from the start.

I've known Tanya since I started in the industry 6 years ago, although originally we worked for opposition companies
there was always cross-over work within the industry and over the years we built a business to business relationship in which we provided each other with helpful solutions, when ever possible while maintaining our individual client relationships



Mortgage Masters Ltd
"... We initially started and we had no idea how to start off. Thank god I called up Tanya and she gave us a good idea. She said go simple and straight forward and we needed that."

I think that anybody should use and go with a consultant ...",

When we start we were always nervous, and worried about how we were going to do it. That worry got taken away completely from us and we could relax ..."

she came back and checked again to make sure we were doing the right thing again."

"... be much more effective ..."

"... before we took on our stand(furniture from office) and when she came she hired one or two stands that we never realized helped us and also the right words to say, smiling and the uniform.

We had no idea
we should do all those things. At the end of the day we had a very successful show."

If you have no idea get expert advise  and do it right. There is only one chance for first impression and it’s most important, get the strategy right and then everything comes OK

MAY 2010

Wyeth Nutrition
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