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Helping you put the WOW into your exhibition or conference is my passion.

By spending a lot of time walking around exhibitions and conferences things will catch my interest. I'll stop to watch.

These stories are about some of those times and how a fresh point of view can turn your Why experience into a WOW.


Case Study #4

Need to prove before you get reviewed?
Small business often have cash restrictions but larger corporate companies have to often prove they can get return on investment before they get budget increases approved. This is one such case.

I came across a recognised corporate company exhibiting at a large consumer show and was taken a bit by surprise about the lack of presence. I met one of the woman from the stand while she was on a break. I started chatting with her and she very quickly said "I know we can do much better but we have no budget".  She said she knew if she could prove spending more on a stand display would make more sales the company would approve more budget in the blink of an eye.

She managed to get an $8k budget approved for the next year and we made that budget stretch as far as it could while giving them a brand identity and a presence that related to their product.

At the 3 day show on the first day they sold out of stock and had to get more shipped in to supply days 2 & 3.

The following year they had the budget to extend their presence from 2 to 3 stands and have a walk-on, walk-off custom designed stand. They went from strength to strength over the next few years building a stronger brand and connecting on a more personal level with their customers.

It all started on a shoestring budget.


Case Study #3

Do you think training is important?
One of the things I advise exhibiting companies on is preparing their staff. Either through pre-briefings or ideally through more targeted training to fully prepare them for the environment of an exhibition or conference.

I'm always out meeting new people and offering advise. Preparation and training was something I suggested to the directors of a franchise 3 weeks out from their next exhibition. I said ... "When you have a sales person who is working in an office and mostly communicating with people by phone, email and at one on one meetings they could be your best but without preparation in an exhibition environment they could be your worst." They didn't prepare their sales staff and during the exhibition one of the directors came to me and said "I now see what you were saying. Our steady sales person is doing really well & our best sales person is standing at the back of the site waiting for someone to approach him and has not got many leads at all."

So, for your next exhibition or conference consider this ... Staff is probably your companies biggest investment, they are also your ambassadors why would you not make sure they can create value by being fully prepared.

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Case Study #2

What if no one stops at your stand? 

yet you spend hours setting it up.
When I see people getting excited setting up for shows I always get a glow inside. This one such story was an exhibitor at  a design show.
She spent hours meticulously setting up their stand, carefully placing river stones around the front of the two open sides and creating walkways for visitors to get onto the stand. As I watched most of the first day went by and they only had a couple of visitors on the stand. You could see the disappointment.
Later after a conversation and some suggestions she moved the riverstones along the back wall of the stand. The next day she had people on the stand all day.

At the end of the show she had sales and leads, it was a great success turning her Why? into a WOW.

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Case Study #1
Do you know what you want from a show but don't know how to get it?
This business had exhibited a number of times but were not getting the outcome they wanted. They were ready to throw in the towel.

They were signing people up to seminars and to join their association. They had no plan, nothing to grab your attention and staff who stood around with no direction.

By creating a functional stand they were able to talk to more people.
By putting a plan in place staff had direction and knew what their job on the stand was.

It was their most successful show ever. A different point of view made all the difference and they continued using the strategies with success. They got the WOW.

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