Next time you attend a show walk down the aisles and really think about what you see. 

Are you looking at a sea of nothingness? 

Does one exhibit blend into another or do you see a lighthouse standing out guiding you through the sea?

Is your stand invisible in the sea?

Some exhibitors seem to be proud or indifferent about their invisibility.  Will you really be happy to settle with 'invisible' when you invest serious marketing dollars to be at a show?”

Here are three ideas to consider if you decide you want to be noticed:

1.  Be different.
What would it take you to be different in your industry and/or environment?
What would help you stand out from the crowd?”

2. Break the rules.
To be different often means challenging the norms, breaking the rules, allowing yourself to experiment with crazy ideas and find a way to make them work.

3. Think like a kid.
You know the saying "from the mouths of babes." Children have the gift of looking at things in there most simple form. Along lives journey most of us loose that ability and start duplicating others.  Does this sound familiar ... “if it works for them, it’ll work for us.” Sameness puts you into the sea of nothingness.

On the topic of the third idea ... I was walking in the park and came across a mother and her child walking along the edge of a fenced horse paddock. Suddenly from out of the paddock bounced about 8 rabbits through the fence and into the shrubbery on the other side of the path. The boy looked quizzically at the fence and then said to his mother "Mummy, there must be a hole in the fence."

This is the type of out of the box thinking that could give you a leading edge.

Invite a few five year olds to look at your ideas, and work on helping you create something completely different. You might need to adapt their ideas, but, their way of looking at things could definitely get you out of your “box-like” thinking.

Keep your overall goals in mind. Make sure your ideas help, not hinder your goals.

Use your new and exciting ideas to be the lighthouse everyone finds and enjoy the experience.

Happy exhibiting

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