Ever felt like you keep throwing money at something and missing the target?

Even so, you've put so much in that just a little more will deliver a result, rather than admitting failure.

This usually happens because of bad advise or a lack of research.

Setting a budget for your next conference, exhibition or trade show is a crucial steering mechanism to ensuring you hit your targets. Your budgets set guidelines to what you can & can't do with your exhibit strategy.

With the current financial climate companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and you may find your budget does not stretch as far as it used too however, if you know your financial limitations you can plan how to spend your money wisely.

Cutting costs or exhibiting on a small budget doesn't mean you have to come across cheap. On the contrary, some of the most successful stands are not about the amount of money they spent but about how well they spent it.

Tip#5: Prioritise
Write out your show targets or objectives.
List all the strategies you would like to apply and estimate the cost of each.
Then go through and prioritise your list.
    * Be careful not to pick something because you think it will look good on the stand or because you think it will be fun.
    * Which strategies will have the largest impact on reaching your show targets.

To be self promoting, just for a moment, getting expert help can open your eyes to new ways of exhibiting which can save you money while maintaining integrity and still achieving a return on your investment.

Money is important. You can't just throw and hope some of it sticks.
Money is not an obstacle. Failure as an exhibitor is never from a shortage of money.
Money will deliver. Even if your budget is limited spent wisely you can achieve great results.

So go hit those targets.

Happy exhibiting

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