Do you Remember or do you Know?

November 27, 2012
Think about the primary school you went to? 

Have you been back as an adult?

I revisited my primary school when I was in my 20's and it is so different from how I remember it. 

I know the smell of the bags filled with lunch time goodies hanging in the bag room but I don't remember what colour the lino was on the floor.

Understanding the difference between remembering and knowing can unlock the key to success.

Remembering is prone to error, it requires a deep mental level of processing information that is often referred to as the “episodic memory.” 

Knowing triggers a familiarity which interestingly enough is often without any specific details, like a brand name. This is referred to as the “semantic memory.”

The lesson to learn is that knowing lasts longer and has a more powerful impact on decision making than remembering.

In a show environment we have the advantage of face-to-face contact. Our customers have an opportunity to touch, hold, smell, taste and hear our products and services through one or more of their senses. 

As an exhibitor it's very important to engage the senses, it's these sensory recalls creating a familiarity that helps visitors to go away knowing who you are above all others.

Do you want visitors to remember you, or do you want them to know you?

The Invisible Sea

August 16, 2012
Next time you attend a show walk down the aisles and really think about what you see. 

Are you looking at a sea of nothingness? 

Does one exhibit blend into another or do you see a lighthouse standing out guiding you through the sea?

Is your stand invisible in the sea?

Some exhibitors seem to be proud or indifferent about their invisibility.  Will you really be happy to settle with 'invisible' when you invest serious marketing dollars to be at a show?”

Here are three ideas to consider if you dec...

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Follow the Bread Crumbs

April 25, 2012
Did you ever wonder what would have happened to Hansel & Grettel if they decided not to follow the trail of bread crumbs? 

How does this apply to exhibiting you ask? 

Plan's, no matter how amazing, can't succeed if you choose not to follow them.

Hansel & Grettel planned to go on an adventure into the woods, their goal was to get home again afterwards.

The method in which you qualify visitors is your adventure. What you do next is following the breadcrumbs to your exhibiting goals.

Laying down brea...

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Money, Money, Money

May 31, 2011
Ever felt like you keep throwing money at something and missing the target?

Even so, you've put so much in that just a little more will deliver a result, rather than admitting failure.

This usually happens because of bad advise or a lack of research.

Setting a budget for your next conference, exhibition or trade show is a crucial steering mechanism to ensuring you hit your targets. Your budgets set guidelines to what you can & can't do with your exhibit strategy.

With the current financial clima...
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Make Competitions Work - Stop Throwing Away Money

May 22, 2011
A marketing guru friend of mine(I'll call her Jane) who has been exhibiting now for about 4 years has, through trial and error discovered that not all marketing strategies can just be simply applied to exhibitions & conferences as they would for traditional promotional purposes.

Year one - Jane ran a competition from her stand to win a basket of gourmet foods & wine. Lots of people entered and at the time she believed it had been successful. After the show however, she discovered that a very ...
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Standing in a Field of Corn

March 22, 2011
I was watching a documentary recently on the conditions of food production in the states with part of it focusing on corn.

I was then driving down to Hamilton and passed by some corn fields with signs identifying the seed supplier and I wondered how much corn has been modified from what nature originally supplied to us.

I then considered how corn came to be in the first place. What was it that decided, 'corn', rather than something else. What was it that decided there would be so many different...
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